News: A New Ink & Paint!

A New Ink & Paint!

Ink & Paint was originally intended to provide a place for the sharing of graffiti and street art related news and the spreading of the street art culture. However in recent months I have noticed a distinct lack of "lowbrow" art in the WHT community. Don't get me wrong though, I'm a HUGE nerd. I love null byte, I love the Minecraft world, and all the tech posts that are becoming increasingly more common. It's awesome. However the nerd in me and the artist in me both want to see more comics, street art, and other forms of "low" art on the front page. Now before I go on I should mention what I mean when I say "lowbrow art". The term "lowbrow" and "low art" started as basically a way of putting down artists that don't use traditional methods to create their art. This includes street artists, comic artists, cartoonists, etc. etc. etc.

I hated this word.

Seriously, I would get really angry when people described my art, or any artists I liked, as "low art/artists". That ain't cool. (As a quick side note my iPad says that "ain't" actually is a word. When did "ain't" become a real word?) Why is my art, just because I give it away for free and don't paint fricken landscapes, why is it "low"? My inner gamer would start to rage just thinking about it.

Anyway, I eventually got over my ego. Now I use the word "lowbrow" very often to describe what I enjoy and create. So yeah, I'm going to stop putting it in quotations now that I've explained that it's not really a derogatory term, anymore at least.  

Now back to the important stuff! 

Ink and paint is at the moment in a transition period. After this period is over I will start posting several articles about web-comics, IRL comics, cartoons, "sketchbook tumblrs", and of course street art. I'm hoping that this will give the ink and paint world a new life, and encourage new contributors. 

Speaking of contributors(!), I want to invite anybody and everybody to write about your artistic hobby, actually post a picture of your art, or just share some of the web comics that you've been enjoying lately. The new ink and paint wants to make all of the non-artist artists feel welcome to post and share those sketches they drew, or those pictures from tumblr that they thought were really cool.

So i would like to say as an artist, nerd, comicbooker-person, blogger/doodler, and aspiring outlaw, that I invite you all into the new and improved ink and paint!

P.S. Expect to see a new article posted by the end of the week,(sunday) yay!

A New Ink & Paint!


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I've never thought of lowbrow as a derogatory term, but maybe that's because I enjoy it so much. I'm interested to see what you make of the new Ink and Paint!

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