Pants Are Overrated: Calvin & Hobbes All Grown Up!

Calvin & Hobbes All Grown Up!

I found this great strip while browsing. I know Henry's a big fan of Calvin & Hobbes, as am I. Pants Are Overrated is a webcomic; the artist decided to do a few strips that re-envision Calvin & Hobbes, when Calvin's all grown up, married to Susie, with a daughter named Bacon! 

Pants Are Overrated: Calvin & Hobbes All Grown Up!

I think it's really cute, and really does capture the spirit of the original. What do you think?

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I love the spirit of te comic strip :-) just like alot of the people who grew up with calvin and hobbes the comic will pass it down to their children, calvin literally passes hobbes on to his. It just shows, childhood is timeless. "Whether i'm reading my comics to somebody who is six or sixty, they always laugh and tear up at the same parts".

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