News: Unknown, but They Shouldn't Be.

Unknown, but They Shouldn't Be.

Although in recent years street art has reached a high point of public appeal many of the great artists are over shadowed by the likes of banksy and shepard fairey (who are amazing artists for sure, just not the only amazing artists out there). Some of the best urban artists have never had a gallery show or exihbit, and most have only been out of their own country once or twice. But of course, thanks to the internet and movies, i )along with many others) have been lucky enough to see the work of some extremely talented individuals. So in the following article, lets explore some of the most immensely talented but underrated street artists out there.

Os gemeos: Literally meaning "the twins" in portuagese, os genemos are two brazillan street artists that have some of the most unique characters in street art. Their style uses lots of deep reds and yellows, which is easily visible from afar, and they say that their charaters reflect the people and the culture of their country. Very cartoony, but at the same time they make you feel how they want you too feel. you feel brazillian! Personally, i cant get enough of the amazing style and art that these two gentlemen produce. In the video below they talk about some of their art. 

JR: JR is an extremely talented french photographer turned street artist. His art essentially consists of black and white photos blown up to immense sizes and wheatpasted on to buildings. Most of the time he blows up the face of a person or their eyes, which he belives are a window into our soul. He likes esspecially to work in poor, slummy areas, to bring beauty out so the people can see it. I was lucky enough to see his film, "women are heros" at a muesem show. But unfortuanatly all i could find was the trailer.

Vhils: Vhils is another artist that entirely deserves the spotlight. essentially vhils draws beautiful faces on plaster walls and then uses a hammer and chisel to smash away the plaster, leaving a face of brick and mortar behind. He also does this with layers of paper on a billboard, layers of rust and paint on metal and layers of wood. He is an amazing frickin artist and i highly recomend following his activity. If you ever get to see his work in person, do it! I got to and it was pretty, pretty, awsome. The video below really dosent do him any justice so follow this link to his home gallery.

Sorry for the short post and the length of time inbetween them.

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Wow. I love Vhils wall work. I would say this one is my favorite:

yes, vhils is an amazing artist. i want write an article about him once my school term ends.

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