Forum Thread: Tagging Etiquette.

propper tagging etiquette? i'm new to this, and i would like to get into it the proper way. are there any universal "rules" out there i should be aware of?    eg. tagging over an already existing tag.


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I wrote an article called the "morals and dangers of street art" and its in the "blog" section of this world. I highly recommend that you read it if your just beginning, its everything i wish somebody told me when i first started. But the general rule of thumb is that nobody likes to get their tag covered, and some people will get violent if they find out that you covered their tag. So always try to avoid covering up another taggers tag. Theirs usually plenty of space to go around. If it's gang graffiti, don't even tag near it. Hope i helped!

You did help. thank you very much.

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