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Great world. Excited to see what you'll be doing. Really interesting initial posts.

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Thanks rachel, its really cool that you would leave a comment saying that. :-) I hope you enjoy my future posts, and keep up the good work with the site, i don't know what  would do without it!


just out of curiosity, where are you located (city/country)? I like to visualize where this public art might be taking place.

Well, i usually i don't like to give out my city location online because some street art could be traced back to me, but im sure your not going to call the "anti-public art people" on me :-) 

I'm from oceanside california (in between los angelos and san diego). Its a smaller beach town with a growing public art movement, thanks to some new local art shops and the popularity of banksys oscar nominated documentry.

will you post any pics of your street art or is that something one doesn't do?

Sorry but im not quite comfortable doing that, although as time moves on i will probably post a link to some of my art, although i don't intend on using W.H.T. as a profile to advertise myself. If i do post a link it will be discreet, and probably will only mention it as a side note in one of my posts. 

Can you tell us a bit about your style, and which street artists you really admire or want to emulate? Everyone knows about Banksy, but I'm sure there's lots more people we should be keeping our eyes out for!

Well, im not going to lie, banksy is a genius and i can't stress how much i admire him for his satirical approuch to street art. As for my style im going to fill in my bio on my profile later with a bit more detail but i'll just a general idea.

Growing up the first thing i read on my own and the first thing my parents read to me were the sunday newspaper comics and several treasury books of calvin & hobbes, bloom county, peanuts (charlie brown), etc, etc. So when i started to get a bit older i always wanted to do a comic strip, i would doodl in school, church, at home, whenever i could. Then i dicovered banksy, who as i have said before is just a radical political cartoonist at his core. He gave me the idea of an outdoor comic strip, which became my main focus up until and continuing from, right now. So my art is basically like a comic strip that interacts with the world around it. For the actual style i would say that my influences are: Keith Haring, Banksy, Blu, Shepard fairey (i met him the other day!! :-D) swoon, invader, keith haring again, and an assortment of others. But my main influnce will always be sunday comic artists.

P.S. os genemos & JR are the two artists to watch right now.

love charles schultz and haring. outdoor comic strip sounds like a brilliant idea actually. i've never seen anything like it.

I hope you do some posts soon introducing us to os genemos and JR - I've not heard of them. 

Love the outdoor comic strip idea as well - I'll have to keep my eyes open for art that I think might be yours! I love all the comic book artists you've mentioned so far - Bloom County and Calvin & Hobbes especially. Are you also familiar with Pogo and Krazy Kat? Those two strips really influenced Bill Watterson.

ah, i love krazy kat and pogo. i have a treasury of both. As for os genemos and JR, im writing a new article now about some of the styles from around the globe and the distintions betweent them. both os genemos and JR will be featured(althought maybe not in oart one). i just need to get the school work all cleared up and some time set aside.

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